Source, Hire, and Retain Great Teachers and Staff

In this time of uncertainty, school districts need to get creative with their staffing plans to ensure they can provide educational continuity.

K12HR helps implement technology plans that save money, time while improving staff engagement, retention, and outcomes.

Find Great Teachers and Staff

Todays K12 hiring environment is different than yesterdays. Where you look for great teachers should be too.

Make Objective Data Driven Hiring Decisions

Data driven hiring is proven to be 92% more effecicient and leads to 36% better retention

Retain Teachers and Staff when it Matters Most

Retention is still the best staffing strategy. K12HR can help you engage teachers and staff and retain your star performers

K12HR and SkillSurvey Partner to support data driven Sourcing, Reference Checking, and Staff Retention for innovative school districts across North America…