Get proactive about passive candidates. Build new, reliable talent pipelines.

SkillSurvey Source® helps you find new candidates through references and referrals.

Automate candidate tracking, alerts and messaging

Good people know good people. So take advantage of your reference and referral networks – combine SkillSurvey Source with SkillSurvey Reference® to build a high-quality, highly relevant talent pipeline.

Get notified when new leads match role or location needs, flag relevant talent for future consideration, and send targeted messages to individuals or groups to promote open positions.

See how automation can supercharge your passive candidate management.

Increase pipeline quality and decrease time to fill

Get a head start on newly opened positions with a powerful talent database at the ready – then use smart dashboards to visualize the up-to-date candidate information.

Get creative about sourcing – build an up-to-date database of new candidate leads.

Grow your candidate pipeline and boost your talent brand

Create custom branded opt-in pages, links and forms to recruit not just references and referrals, but also visitors to your website and careers page.

Don’t be passive about your pipeline – follow the tips in our Passive Candidate Engagement playbook.

Hire smarter with more insightful reference checking

SkillSurvey Source® works hand in hand with SkillSurvey Reference®, the cloud-based, mobile solution that connects you to more references and gives you meaningful, predictive insights on a candidate’s past performance.