Get data from the people that know your candidates the best

K12HR works with SkillSurvey to tailor solutions for K12 schools that get’s meaningful feedback about potential teachers and staff fast with an online, automated reference check solution that discovers comprehensive insights on all your candidates.

References can be simpler, faster, and more meaningful than ever before

K12HR helps SkillSurvey tailor K12-specific surveys, packed with questions about the soft skills that correlate with successful outcomes– or we can help you design your own survey questions for your specific culture.  And every data point you gather can be compared against 18 years of longitudinal data and validity studies that predict post-hire success.

Get the data you need – whatever (or wherever) the role

From teachers to volunteers, gudiance counselors, administrators and even bus drivers, K12HR and SkillSurvey Reference® give you the insights you need to hire the right people for the right jobs – every time. Even as traditional roles start to involve more remote responsibilites- We discover the behavioral competencies and soft skills that are most helpful for understanding how a candidate performs.

Improve talent selection

Enhance your hiring process and shorten time-to-fill with consistent, best practice reference checks that reduce bias and help you find candidates who will stick. Check references for every job candidate without draining recruiter or hiring manager staff time.

See how much information you get in a candidate feedback report

Integrate with your HR technology

Make it easy for your references to respond to a survey wherever they are, on any device, on their terms – even over text.

And boost compliance by seamlessly integrating reference checking with your existing ATS or CRM.

Creative ways to find your next candidate

Don’t let your new network of candidates and references go to waste- K12HR can help ensure that you develop and manage a warm pipeline of qualfied candidates for every position in your school or district.