Engagement and retention data at your fingertips

Get actionable insights at critical stages throughout your employee lifecycle from pre-hire to post-hire

Boost your talent management success with an automated, all-in-one solution. Coming soon, SkillSurvey Post-HireTM extends SkillSurvey’s proven science and technology to help you gain valuable engagement and retention data from employees and their managers starting with recruiting and onboarding, to the first 30/60/90+ days all the way to the exit interview. 

What can an all-in-one post-hire solution do for you?

Gain rich analytics to solve the root causes of turnover and improve retention

Support compliance with industry-leading surveys that are scientifically developed

Automate ongoing feedback collection with an all-in-one solution

Consolidate recruiting, onboarding, engagement and exit interview data in a single platform